April Raynor-Brock

NMLS #1557062

Company NMLS #2348888

FairHaven Mortgage

San Antonio

814 Arion Pkwy #204
San Antonio, TX 78216

Phone: 210-264-4427


“I make it easy for you to dream about your future home and even easier to obtain, without the hassle!”

Whether it’s the home of your dreams or your first home, I help create family memories for all my clients. My goal is to make the mortgage process as seamless as possible for my clients, as we become lifetime friends.

I leave no stone ‘unturned’. I display all mortgage options available to my clients and recommend the best for their family’s needs, by comparing long term and short term options.

Whether you’re a “First Time Home Buyer” or a “Luxury Buyer”, I CAN HELP YOU! I specialize in VA, Conventional, FHA & USDA home loans. The #1 key is to be informed, and I AM your eyes and ears in the mortgage business.

By taking the approach of looking at the bigger picture, I consider how to help you in the long term and not just in a 30 day window. I help my clients create wealth, show them ways to pay off their mortgage early, and plan their financial future at a faster pace.

With my team and myself, you will have a stress-free experience because I make the mortgage process easy and enjoyable. I handle everything from ordering the appraisal and insurance quotes, as well as the loan approval. I make it easy for you to dream about your future home and even easier to obtain without the hassle.